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About Carrie

I am married, and have two adult children (18 and 21).  We also have an 9 year old, loving, solidly good dog, and a 3-year old, loving, partially-trained pandemic puppy/dog.

I'm a long-time parenting educator, and a former elementary school teacher and school counselor.  In addition to my passion for the power of therapy, I love reading, and hiking with my friends and family.  I'd love to take more fiction writing classes down the line.

I offer therapy founded on deep, active empathy, which provides the safety to explore issues that are important to you, and new ways to work, skillfully and compassionately, with what challenges you.  Feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, and joy all become meaningful and helpful when we hold them with curiosity and compassion.

And despite my education and training, I want you to know that I won't ever be 'done' finding parts of myself that need more love, or areas of my life that stretch me when I least expect it. It's because I lead a truly human life, combined with my experience and the support I've received on this path, that I know the courage, the hard choices, and the self-determination it takes to make this step toward healing.


About Carrie
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