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“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” –Matthew Jacobson

Child Therapy

Parenting can be deeply touching. It can also be desperately hard. It is often the role in life that calls us to our better selves.

I am excited by the effectiveness and comfort caregivers achieve on their path with parenting, through the supportive, research-backed Child Therapy model of PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy).


PCIT is a therapy coaching program that has me partner with parents to strengthen the relationship with their child(ren) and help them learn to set limits in a healthy and effective way.


The therapy is focused on helping the parent develop a strong bond with their child, initially, and then helps them become comfortable and skillful with successful discipline strategies.


PCIT has over 5 decades of research demonstrating significant success improving issues families often struggle with, including temper tantrums, setting limits, bedtimes, emotional reactivity, attention span, self-esteem, defiance and more.

In addition to PCIT, I offer Play Therapy. Play Therapy is unique in it's ability to provide the safety and the space for a child to enact their challenges and needs through play, with the me as a support and interpreter for them. As a child plays, with my support, they begin to resolve confusion, reactivity, and even traumas in a safe and caring container. Within the Play Therapy context, parent meetings continue to be key so that any gains made within the child's therapy are supported at home.


Mother and Child on Beach
Child Therapy
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